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Summiting a Sonfjällets peak + Norway drive-through

Pointillist memories🔗

Day 1🔗

  • got into a big-arse Volvo, picked my friend up and drove to Sonfjällets nature reserve
  • stopped in Gävle to get some supplies (and a beaver, which turned into the trip's mascot)
  • several icecream stops later we were in the parking lot
  • was getting kinda late so decided to hike up the hill until the ground leveled to camp-able levels and deploy the camp

Day 2🔗

  • stashed the backpacks next day and went for the summit
  • weird triangle shaped summit structure
  • good views over the Swedish flatlands
  • nice weather, had a little race on the way back to the basecamp, then a very steep climb off
  • back to car, decided to drive to Norway (because it was right there)
  • simulation detail level increased considerably once we crossed the border
  • met with some moose who were just chilling on the road
  • had a nice lunch (dinner?) at a hotel overlooking a lake; girls helped with phone charging, took some stinky cheese for dessert
  • over the border drove around, found a camping spot, tried to pay but couldn't figure out Norwegian swish
  • camping spot even had a little beach + some weird electrical posts jutting from the middle of the lake

Day 3🔗

  • drove to Trondheim, had some sandwiches on the Atlantic shore
  • took an the Atlantic road down, passing through Spongdal, Øydegard, Kristiansund, etc.
  • chilled at the awesome Storseisundet Bridge
  • took a last minute booking at a Cadillac, "50's were the greatest", "'Murica" sort of dude
  • his wife was definitely running things, but the dude was just handy and built a ton of cabins for tourists
  • he even had a favorite cabin, criterion being the way the Sun hits it when it rises
  • played with a giant Norwegian pussy

Day 4🔗

  • lost a bunch of time driving against Google and reaching a dead-end
  • no worries though
  • lots of fjords, don't remember exactly but this is when we found out about the massive 40kg apricot production of a fjord farm near the 7 Sisters waterfall
  • Magerholm, Urke, Øye, Hellesylt, Geiranger, Stryn and finally to Brikdalsbre
  • guerilla camping in a thick forest patch near the glacial river
  • thank the Lawd for earplugs

Day 5🔗

  • saw a glacier, dipped feet in its glacial lake
  • very cool waterfalls, loud too!
  • lots of driving
  • almost smashed some sheep, a rabit and a gang of racoons
  • run, rabbit, run!
  • Ole, ole, ole, oleeeeee
  • toll road, very empty

Day 6🔗

  • back to the low-res simulation
  • but very nice to have varied berry picking opportunities at pit stops
  • almost died when overtaking