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Finger curls🔗

  • with arms by side, close hands to make relaxed fist, then quickly open + fan out fingers
  • 2 reps / second

Wrist circles🔗

  • 10 reps one direction, 10 reps the other

Wrist Circles

Arm circles🔗

  • arms to the sides and parallel to the floor
  • small circles, gradually increasing in size until slight tension in the shoulders
  • 1 rotation / second. 20 circles in one direction, 20 in the other

Arm scissors🔗

  • 30 reps at 1-2s/rep

Arm Scissors

Shoulder shrugs🔗

  • 30 reps at 2s/rep

Shoulder Shrugs

Neck circles🔗

  • 10 circles in one direction, 10 in the other at 2s/circle

Neck Circles

Hula hoop🔗

  • feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging loosely by sides or on hips
  • flex knees and rotate hips in a circular motion
  • still head and shoulders throughout
  • 15s per direction

Back roll🔗

  • knees bent and feet flat on the floor
  • extend arms forward and grab knees
  • pull knees toward chest and roll backwards until shoulders touch floor
  • roll back up to starting position

Upper body🔗

Finger flexors🔗

  • hold for 20s

Flexors Stretch

Finger extensors🔗

  • hold for 10s, then slowly rotate forearm to work the stretch for an additional 10s with the fist turned to the thumb-down position

Flexors Stretch

Finger isolation🔗

  • hold for 10s, release for a few seconds, then repeat for another 10-20s

Finger Isolation

Finger splits🔗

  • hold for 10s, release for a few seconds, then repeat for another 10-20s

Finger Splits

Rhomboids & trapezium🔗

  • hold for 10s, release for 2-3s, hold for 20s
  • (bonus) work the bent elbow up and down from horizontal position

Rhomboids Trapezium


  • hold for 10s, release for a few seconds, then perform a secondary stretch for about 20s
  • (bonus) extend the stretch down through the shoulder and back by leaning sideways slightly in the direction that you’re pulling your elbow

Triceps Stretch


  • walk hands away from your hips until mild tension in the biceps, hold for 20s
  • do more walking, then hold for another 30s


Deltoids & latissimus🔗

  • hold for 10s, then raise upward slightly to release the tension for a few seconds
  • secondary stretch for 20-30s

Deltoids latissimus

Lower body🔗

Buttocks & lower back🔗

  • hold for 10s, release for 2-3s, hold for 20s, repeat with other leg

Buttocks & lower back


  • hold for 10s, release for 2-3s, hold for 20-30s, repeat with other leg



  • hold for 10s, then raise hips slightly to release the stretch for a few seconds
  • secondary stretch for 30-60s



  • primary 10-20s
  • secondary 30-60s (if needed, grab thighs to apply some downward pressure)



  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20-30s
  • lie down, allow gravity to pull knees toward the floor for another 30-60s


Quadriceps, groin & hip flexors🔗

  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20-30s

Quads, groin & hip flexors

Quadriceps & hip flexors🔗

  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20-30s

Quad & hip flexors


  • primary 20s
  • secondary 30-60s


Lower back & buttocks🔗

  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20s

Lower back & buttocks

Torso / Core🔗


  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20s



  • primary 10s
  • secondary 20-30s


Trunk rotation🔗

  • primary 10-20s
  • secondary 20-30s


Lower back & hips🔗

  • primary 10-20s
  • secondary 20-30s while pulling the bent knee all the way to the floor

Lower back & hips

General Stretch Advice🔗

  • Warm-up / increase heart rate before stretching
  • Stretch in a slow, gradually progressive manner. Never bounce or do any motion that is forceful or painful. Stretching should produce some discomfort, but never pain.
  • Consider PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) for overcoming uncommon lack of flexibility
  • Concentrate on the area you’re stretching. Focus on relaxing the muscle and visualize tension escaping like air from a balloon.
  • Maintain slow, deep breathing throughout the stretch. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Maintain a neutral back position - neither rounded nor hyper-extended - to maximize the stretch and avoid injury.
  • Engage in some stretching five or six days per week, and not just on climbing days.